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: 5793-89-5

Molecular Formula

: C6H8CaO8.4H2O

Molecular Weight

: 320.26
Description: White, odorless ,tasteless crystalline powder.
Solubility: Freely soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid; slightly soluble in boiling water; very slightly soluble in cold water; insoluble in ethanol, ether, or chloroform.
Identification A (Calcium): A white precipitate, which is insoluble in 6N acetic acid but soluble in hydrochloric acid should form.
Identification B (By IR): IR spectra of the sample should be concomitant with IR spectra of the corresponding standard.
Assay: 99.0% w/w - 101.0% w/w
Chloride (Cl): NMT 0.07%
Sulfate: NMT 0.12%
Sucrose and reducing sugars: No red precipitate should form immediately
Optical Rotation: +17.5° to + 21.5°
Heavy metals: NMT 10ppm
Total aerobic microbial count: NMT 1000 CFU/gm
Total Yeast and mold count: NMT 100 CFU/gm
E.coli: should be absent/gm
Bacterial endotoxins: NMT 5 EU/gm (For in-house control only, not for release & shelf life)
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