Gradient HPLC Solvents

The solvents are tested as per ACS, 10th edition on gradient elution test. These Solvents are free from UV absorbing impurities and ensure consistent result in gradient analysis. The batch UV graph is a part of our label claim.

HPLC and Spectroscopy

The solvents are suitable for HPLC, UV spectroscopy and are tested for purity, absorbance and impurity profile. The batch UV graph is a part of our label claim.

HPLC Buffers and Ion pairing reagents

To ensure reproducibility and reliability in your HPLC analysis, in addition to range of HPLC solvents, Finar offers HPLC grade acids, buffers and ion pairing reagents. These products are tested for UV absorbance insoluble matter, interfering metals and other products specific test.

Karl Fischer Reagent

This is Pyridine free, single solution Karl Fischer reagent with consistent and stable factor, ensures accurate reproducible result. KFR is used for moisture estimation in food, pharmaceuticals, oil industries etc.

pH Indicator paper and Test paper

The User friendly kangaroo pack range of indicator papers & test papers for pH monitoring of soil, waste water, textile, leather, pigment and dyes industries etc. These papers ensure uniform colour, instant colour development and accurate result.

Extrapure / Purified

The reagents are suitable in qualitative, semi quantitative analysis, organic synthesis and general use in laboratory. This grade complies with critical tests of raw material used in API, agrochemicals and Specialty chemicals.

EL Grade

The EL grade chemicals specification conforms to the International standards with very low level of metallic impurities. Products are available in small and bulk packs.


The reagents exceed the specifications of American Chemical Society, 11th edition and ideally suitable for quantitative chemical analysis.

AR Grade

The AR grade reagents meet the highest purity standards are ideally suitable for quantitative chemical analysis in food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and environment analysis.

AR Dry Solvents

The solvents have high purity with low moisture content and is ideally suited for chemical reactions which are moisture sensitive. These solvents are used in moisture estimation through KF titration, organometallic compound synthesis like Grignard reagent and organic compounds synthesis in anhydrous environment.

GC-HS Grade

The GC-HS solvents are free from organic volatile impurities and low boilers. The specification complies with USP, Ph.Eur and ICH guideline.

GC Grade

The GC Grade Solvents are used as a Diluent for Pharma, Pesticide in Food samples & pollutants in Environmental samples in Gas chromatography Analysis.

PRA Grade

The PRA grade solvents are used for analysis of pesticides residue by using ECD and FID in Gas chromatography with extremely low level of halogenated residue.

For Biochemistry

The reagents are suitable for biochemical studies and are tested for heavy metals, insoluble matters and other product specific critical parameters.

For Microbiology

Microbiological culture media ingredients are free from toxic inhibitors and ensure optimum Microorganism growth in culture media. These products are used in pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research and are available in small and bulk packs.

For Microscopy

The Range of stains and reagents used in clinical diagnosis through Histology, Cytology and Haematology examination, these stains and reagents are tested for chemical purity and functional performance.

For Synthesis

The Synthesis grade reagents are used as building blocks, specific reagents for acetylation, alkylation, reduction and oxidation etc for chemical synthesis.

Pharmacopeia Grade

The Pharmacopeia Labelled solvents are manufactured under revised Schedule M conditions as per Drug & Cosmetic Act and specifications comply to USP, PhEur, BP, JP, IP Pharmacopeial monographs.

Excipient Grade

Our Excipient grade products conform to various pharmacopeia as well as customers' specific requirements for use as Excipients in their formulations.

Food Grade

Range of Food additives complies to Codex General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA), FSSAI & International Standards like FCC

Tailor made Product Specifications / Customer Specific Products

We welcome enquiries for products not listed in our Catalogue and / or specifications prescribed by us different from your requirements. Upon receipt of your enquiries our product development team will review feasibility and communicate prices and product availability within a short time.

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