Excipients & Solvents for the Pharma Industry

At Finar, we take pride in our comprehensive portfolio of novel excipients and solvents. We constantly innovate and apply the latest technologies in manufacturing products that serve the pharma and healthcare industry for various pharmaceutical formulations.

Our state-of-the-art plant is GMP certified and manufactures over 100 excipients and novel solvents which are required for future generic formulations for oral solid and semi-solid, injectables, topical and derma applications. We also produce special excipients for oncology and DMF filed excipients with the US and China. Our customers include the top pharmaceutical companies in India and over 200 customers worldwide.

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Our EXCiPACT certification validates our compliance with global standards and processes. Our Quality Assurance team adheres proactively to the guidance from various regulatory bodies and stays up-to-date with all their latest recommendations. All necessary declarations and documentation support are provided to our customers enabling them to qualify for their audits successfully.

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Our excipient and solvent offerings are as per the following categories:

All these products are manufactured in our revised Schedule M certified facility and are offered with complete regulatory support & documentation as under:

  • 3 batch samples for validations & approvals
  • Residual Solvent compliance
  • Elemental impurities compliance
  • Genotoxic impurities compliance
  • TSE / BSE free Certificate
  • Nitrosamine impurities compliance
  • GMO Declaration
  • GMP, EXCiPACT and IMS certificate
  • Stability Data & Shelf Life Declaration
  • Latex / Gluten / Melamine / Allergen free Declaration
  • Products offered for R&D, Exhibit levels as well as commercial scale manufacturing
  • Pack Mode Declaration
  • LOA for DMF grade products
  • Manufacturing Flow Chart
  • Site Plan & Organogram
  • Specifications, Method of Analysis and COA
  • Supporting chromatograms
  • Method validation report
  • Batch Number Nomenclature
  • CTD Dossier Preparation , US DMF and china DMF filing support
  • Vendor Qualification Questionnaire & subsequent plant audit
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