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Moisture estimation in food, pharmaceutical, chemicals and oil industries are estimated through Karl Fischer titration. Karl Fischer reagent is used in the analysis of water content in raw material and finished products. To address the growing demand of stable Karl Fischer reagent, Finar’s R&D has developed an in-house technology for Karl Fischer reagent which are suitable for manual and automatic equipment and ensure stable factor.

  • Consistent and stable factor and longer shelf life
  • High accuracy and precision with minimum sample size
  • Right composition ensures high titration speed and minimum analysis time
  • Effective measuring range from ppm to 100%
  • Suitable for gases, liquid & solid analysis
  • Ideal viscosity ensures accurate results in manual/ automatic equipment
  • Sharp and stable end point
  • Pyridine free
  • Available in multiple pack sizes(250ml & 500ml)
Our range of Karl Fischer Reagent are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
20805LM250 Karl Fischer Reagent AR 2 X 250 ml
20805LM500 Karl Fischer Reagent AR 500 ml
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COA Product Catalogues Product Search Parenteral Applications