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Karl Fischer reagents are used in the analysis of water content in raw material and finished products in food, pharmaceutical, chemicals and oil industries. To address the growing demand of stable Volumetric Karl Fischer reagents, Finar’s R&D has developed an in-house technology which is suitable for manual and automatic equipment ensuring a consistent factor. We also provide Coulometric Karl Fischer Reagents from Aquamicron, Japan

Karl Fischer Titration – Volumetric & Coulometric titration

Karl Fischer titration (Volumetric and Coulometric) is used to analyse moisture content in pharmaceutical, petroleum, cosmetic, chemical and food samples. This method uses Karl Fischer reagents which react quantitatively and selectively with water to measure moisture content. Karl Fischer reagent consists of iodine, sulphur dioxide, a base and a solvent such as alcohol.

I2 + SO2 + 3Base + ROH + H2O ⇒ 2Base . HI + Base . HSO4R

Finar’s - Volumetric Karl Fischer Reagents

In Volumetric Titration a dehydrating solvent suitable for the sample is placed in a flask after which a titrant is used to remove all the moisture from the solvent. After adding the sample, titration is carried out using a titrant, the titer (mg H2O/ml) of which has previously been determined. The moisture content of the sample is determined from the titration volume (ml) and the end point is detected using the constant-current polarization voltage method.

Karl Fisher reagent
Product Features :

Made from anhydrous ingredients which give constant and stable factor

  • Consistent and accurate results.
  • Suitable moisture estimation of inorganic & organic salts and solvents.
  • Suitable for 200 ppm to % level of water content.
  • Ideal viscosity for manual & automatic titrators and high titration speed.
We offer:
Product Code Description Pack Size
20805LM500 Karl Fischer Reagent (Pyridine free) 500 ml
20805LM250 Karl Fischer Reagent (Pyridine free) 2x250 ml

AQUAMICRON – Coulometric Karl Fischer Reagents (for Frit and Fritless Karl Fischer Coulometer)

With Coulometric titration, the sample is added to an electrolytic solution, the main constituents of which are iodide ions, sulphur dioxide, a base and a solvent such as alcohol. Electrolytic oxidation causes the production of iodine, resulting in an immediate Karl Fischer reaction. Coulomteric Karl Fischer is used for moisture estimation in speciality chemicals, refrigerant gases, transformer & lubricant manufacturers, agrichemicals, pharmaceutical API & bulk drug.

Product Features
  • Suitable for < 10 ppm moisture content estimation
  • Reagent with right medium for maximum solubility of sample
  • Stable and consistent result
We offer:
Reagents for Karl Fischer Coulometer with Frit:
Product Code Description Pack Size
CXU AQUAMICRON CXU 10 x 5ml ampule/case

Reagent for Fritless Karl Fischer Coulometer:
Product Code Description Pack Size

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