We are pleased to announce the launch of DUKSAN range of High Purity Solvents as a part of Finar’s product portfolio to provide complete work flow solution for HPLC & LCMS analysis.

Duksan Pure chemicals established in October of 1978, began producing pure chemicals such as basic analytical reagents and continued expanding its product lineup with over 2000 different products including chemical reagents, raw medical care products, electronic industrial reagents, and food additives to become top Korean company in this particular field.

As a major manufacturer of high purity solvents in Korea, having a specialties in solvent purification, DUKSAN Pure Chemicals is working hard toward achieving ‘High Quality, High Customer-satisfaction’ by enforcing strict quality management and new product development. Since the development of Solvents for HPLC in 1996, DUKSAN has been producing a series of High Purity Solvents from HPLC to LC-MS Solvent.

HPLC & LCMS Solvents are designed to provide rapid, reproducible performance and separation in research and quality control applications. Solvents are manufactured using multistep purification processes that produce reliable, low backgrounds noise. Products are controlled for UV transparency for optimum sensitivity and metallic impurities which can affect biological activity.

High Purity Solvents for HPLC & LCMS

Product Information:

Product Description Product Code Pack Size
Acetonitrile Supra Gradient Grade 7518 4 L
Acetonitrile LCMS Grade 3040 4 L
Methanol Supra Gradient Grade 7517 4 L
Methanol LCMS Grade 3041 4 L
Water LCMS Grade 3042 4 L
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