Corporate Responsibilty

Our CSR activities were formalized in 2014 under Finar Foundation with a honest objective of bringing a positive change in the society. The four pillars we work on are Education, Environment, Health, and Drug Abuse.

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Our Commitment

Our focus has and always will be on building a better future for all, especially the younger generations. We take our responsibilities as members of society seriously and have worked tirelessly in the areas of health care, education, and caring for the environment.

Our goal is to build a healthy and happy family life for all in our communities and provide a supportive environment that nurtures bright, young minds to take their dreams to reality.

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Happy Family Life
Education Enviroment
Finar Foundation

Finar Foundation is registered under trust certificate no: F/17614/Ahmedabad Date:21/06/2014

Society Registration no: GUJ/18101/Ahmedabad Date:21/06/2014

To know more about us:

Address: Finar Foundation, 1406, Shapath V, S G Highway, Ahmedabad - 380015

Call: +91 79 400 400 85

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CSR Policy


CSR Annual Report

FY 2018-19, FY 2017-18

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