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Aquaculture Specialties

Finar is one of the fastest growing and most trusted suppliers of Aquaculture products to the expanding Aqua sector. We aim at becoming a holistic partner to the industry by consistently offering new, high quality eco-safe products to our customers and helping them achieve sustainable growth. We offer over 50 different products ranging from Hatchery to Water Management and Probiotics to give a holistic solution to farmers. Our products are compliant with the Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA) and are free of antibiotics.

We have successfully established our presence in the Southern Coastal Area and are confident of establishing our business pan India. Our focus on availability, high quality, and customer service has put us on the front foot specifically with shrimp farmers. Our products are supplied in small and bulk packs to cater to the varying customer requirements.

Our various categories of Aquaculture products are as follows:

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COA Product Catalogues Product Search PARENTEX