Methylpyrrolidone USP-NF/Ph.Eur PARENTEX 500ML Go Back


: 872-50-4

Molecular Formula

: C5H9NO

Molecular Weight

: 99.13
Appearance/Description: A clear colourless to very slightly yellow liquid.
Solubility: Miscible with water and with most organic solvents including alcohol, ketones and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons
Identification A (By IR): IR spectra of the sample should be concomitant with IR spectra of the standard.
Boiling point: About 204°C
Relative density: about 1.034
Refractive index: about 1.469
Organic impurities : individual impurity: NMT 0.1%
Organic impurities : Total impurities: NMT 0.3%
Alkalinity: NMT 8.0ml of 0.02M hydrochloric acid is required.
Clarity of solution: The sample should show the same clarity as that of water, or its opalescence is not more pronounced than that of reference suspension
Colour of solution: The sample should not more intensely colored than the comparison solution
Water (By KF): NMT 0.1%
Total aerobic microbial count: NMT 100 CFU/mL
Total Yeast and mold count: NMT 10 CFU/mL
Bacterial endotoxins: NMT 2.5 EU/mL
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