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: 102-71-6

Molecular Formula

: C6H15NO3

Molecular Weight

: 149.19
Appearance/Description: Clear, colourless to slightly pale yellow, viscous, very hygroscopic liquid having a slight ammoniacal odor.
Solubility: Miscible with water and with alcohol, ethanol (96%), soluble in chloroform, in methylene chloride.
Purity (By GC): NLT 99.0%
Diethanolamine (By GC): NMT 0.5%
Ethanolamine (By GC): NMT 0.1%
Freezing point: 20° - 22°C
Water: NMT 0.1%
Sulfated ash: NMT 0.005%
Heavy metals: NMT 0.0001%
Chloride (Cl): NMT 0.0001%
Sulfate (SO4): NMT 0.002%
Iron: NMT 0.0001%
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