Zinc sulphate heptahydrate Cell culture 250GM Go Back


: 7446-20-0

Molecular Formula

: ZnSO4.7H2O

Molecular Weight

: 287.54
Appearance: White or almost white, crystalline powder or colourless, transparent crystals, efflorescent
Solubility: Very soluble in water, practically insoluble in ethanol (96 per cent) and diethyl ether.
Identification (Sulfate): A white precipitate is formed.
Identification for Zinc: A flocculent white precipitate is formed
Appearance of solution: clear and colourless solution
Free acid: Passes test
Chloride (Cl): NMT 0.0005%
Heavy metals (as Pb): NMT 0.0010%
Arsenic (As): NMT 0.0002%
Cadmium(Cd): NMT 0.0002%
Iron (Fe): NMT 0.001%
Mercury(Hg): NMT 0.0005%
Nickel (Ni): NMT 0.0005%
Lead: NMT 0.0004%
Selenium (Se): NMT 0.003%
Thallium (Tl): NMT 0.0002%
Alkalis and alkaline earth metals: NMT 0.5%
Loss on drying at 105°C: 35.5 - 38.5%
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