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: 107-41-5

Molecular Formula

: C6H14O2

Molecular Weight

: 118.17
Description: clear colourless viscous liquid. Absorbs moisture when exposed to moist air. (USP-NF)
Solubility: Miscible with water and with many organic solvents, including alcohol, ether, chloroform, acetone, and hexanes. (USP-NF)
Identification A (By IR): IR spectra of the sample should be concomitant with IR spectra of the corresponding standard. (USP-NF)
Identification B (By GC ): The retention time of the major peak of the Sample solution corresponds to that of the Standard solution. (USP-NF)
Assay (By GC): 98.0% - 102% (On anhydrous basis) (USP-NF)
Organic impurities : Acetone: NMT 0.1% (USP-NF)
Organic impurities : 2-Propanol: NMT 0.1% (USP-NF)
Organic impurities : 4-Methylpentan-2-one: NMT 0.1% (USP-NF)
Organic impurities: 4-Methylpentan-2-ol: NMT 0.1% (USP-NF)
Organic impurities: Diacetone alcohol: NMT 0.1% (USP-NF)
Organic impurities; Any other individual impurity: NMT 0.1% (USP-NF)
Organic impurities; Total impurities: NMT 1.0% (USP-NF)
Specific gravity: 0.917 - 0.923 (USP-NF)
Refractive index: 1.424 - 1.430 (USP-NF)
Acidity: NMT 0.20 ml of 0.10 N sodium hydroxide should require. (USP-NF)
Water: NMT 0.5% (USP-NF)
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