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: 75-65-0

Molecular Formula

: C4H10O

Molecular Weight

: 74.12
Description (Colour): Clear, colourless liquid
Description (Form): Solidified mass or clear liquid
Description (Odour): Has a camphoraceous odour
Identification by IR spectra: Conforms to structure
Miscibility: The solution should be clear and colourless.
Colour (APHA): Not more than 10 Hz
Carbonyl compound as Acetone: Not more than 100ppm
Carbonyl compound as Aldehyde: The diffrence between blank and sample Not more than 1.75ml 0.1N iodine
Propylene glycol content: Not more than 50ppm
Residue on evaporation: Not more than 0.001%
Boiling range: 82.5-83.5°C
Water (By KF): Not more than 0.1% (w/w)
Readily oxidizable substances: The Permanganate color of the mixture does not completely disappear with in 15 mins.
Specific gravity, 25°C: 0.780-0.790 g/cm3
Purity (By GC): Not less than 99.7%
2-Butanol: Not more than 1000ppm
Acidity: 30ppm max
Alkalinity: 10ppm max
UV absorbance profile (10mm cell)@215nm: 1.0 max.
UV absorbance profile (10mm cell)@250nm: 0.2 max.
UV absorbance profile (10mm cell)@300nm: 0.01 max.
Total Peroxide: Not more than 40ppm
Freezing point: Not less than 25°C
Arsenic (As): 0.15ppm max
Cadmium(Cd): 0.2ppm max
Lead (Pb): 0.5ppm max
Mercury(Hg): 0.15ppm max
Hydrogen peroxide: Not more than 5ppm
Total aerobic bacterial count: 100 CFU/ml max
Total combined yeast and molds count: 100 CFU/ml max
E.coli: Must be absent per ml
Salmonella: Must be absent per 10ml
Pseud. aeruginosa: Must be absent per ml
Staphylococcus aureus: Must be absent per ml
Bile-tolerant gram negative bacteria: Must be absent per ml
Bacterial endotoxins: 6 EU/ml max
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