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: 98-11-3

Molecular Formula

: C6H5SO3H

Molecular Weight

: 158.18
Description: White to off - white crystals/powder with lumps.
Solubility: Soluble in water & alcohol.
Identification by IR: To comply the test
Chloride (Cl): Not more than 0.05%
Moisture: 1.0% max
Assay: Min 98.0% (Anhyrous basis)
Related substances: Any unknown impurity: NMT 0.10%
Related substances: Total impurity: NMT 2.0%
Benzene: NMT 2 ppm
Clarity and colour of solution: The solution is clear and colourless, any colour produced is not more intense than reference solution B7 (EP reference solution).
Residue on ignition: 0.1% max
Iron (Fe): 0.002% max
Arsenic (As): 0.15ppm max
Lead (Pb): 0.5ppm max
Mercury(Hg): 0.15ppm max
Cadmium(Cd): 0.2 ppm max
Total aerobic microbial count: 100 cfu/gm max
Total combined yeast and molds count: 10 cfu/gm max
E.coli: Absent/gm
Staphylococcus aureus: Absent/gm
Pseud. aeruginosa: Absent/gm
Bile-tolerant gram negative bacteria: Absent/gm
Bacterial endotoxins: 2.5 EU/mg max
Cyclohexane as residual solvent: 2000 ppm max
Methyl benzene Sulfonate: NMT 134.8 ppm
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