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Dibasic sodium phosphate anhydrous USP 25KG
Na2HPO4June 2021
141.96May 2024
1DescriptionWhite powder that readily absorbs moisture.White powder that readily absorbs moisture.
2SolubilityPassesFreely soluble in water; insoluble in alcohol
3Identification A (Sodium)CompliesA dense precipitate should form.
4Identification B (Phosphate 1)CompliesWith silver nitrate solution neutral solution should yield yellow precipitate that soluble in 2N nitric acid and 6 N ammonium hydroxide.
5Identification B (Phosphate 2)CompliesWith ammonium molybdate solution, acidified solutions should yield a yellow precipitate that should soluble in 6N ammonium hydroxide.
6Assay (on dry basis)99.8%98.0% - 100.5% (Na2HPO4)
7Insoluble Substances0.01%NMT 0.4%
8ChloridesLess than 0.06%NMT 0.06%
9Sulfate (SO4)Less than 0.2%NMT 0.2%
10Arsenic (As)Less than 16ppmNMT 16ppm
11Loss on drying,130°C0.2%NMT 5.0%
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