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Potassium iodate AR 100GM
KIO3November 2022
214October 2027
1DescriptionA white crystalline powder.A white crystalline powder.
2SolubilityCompliesSoluble in water. Insoluble in alcohol
3Assay(iodometric)99.7%min. 99.5%
4pH(5% aq soln)6.76.0 - 8.0
5Water insoluble matter0.001%0.003% max
6Loss on drying,130°C0.03%0.05% max
7Chloride,chlorate,bromide,bromate (as Cl)Less than 0.01%0.01% max
8Iodide(I)Less than 0.001%0.001% max
9Total nitrogen(N)Less than 0.02%0.02% max
10Sulphate(SO4)Less than 0.005%0.005% max
11Arsenic (As)Less than 0.0001%0.0001% max
12Heavy metal(as Pb)Less than 0.0005%0.0005% max
13Iron(Fe)Less than 0.001%0.001% max
14Sodium(Na)Less than 0.005%0.005% max
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