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n-Pentane for synthesis 2.5LT
For Synthesis6218412
CH3(CH2)3CH3March 2024
72.15February 2029
1DescriptionA clear liquid with a characteristic odour.A clear liquid with a characteristic odour.
2SolubilityCompliesMiscible with alcohol.
3ColourLess than 10 Hazen units in colour.Not more than 10 Hazen units in colour.
4Assay (GC)99.14%Min. 99.00%
5Wt. per ml, 20 deg C0.625g0.625 - 0.626g
6Boiling point(95%)36°C35° - 37°C
7Refractive index1.3581.357 - 1.359
8Non-volatile matter0.0006%0.005% max
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