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: 7647-14-5

Molecular Formula

: NaCl

Molecular Weight

: 58.44
Description: White or colourless crystals or a white crystalline powder.
Solubility: Freely soluble in water and slightly more soluble in boiling water; practically insoluble in ethanol.
Identification A (Chloride A): A curdy white precipitate, insoluble in nitric acid but soluble in dilute ammonia should form
Identification A (Chloride B): A filter paper moistened with diphenylcarbazide solution should turn violet-red
Identification B (Sodium A): A dense white precipitate should form
Identification B (Sodium B): No precipitate should form
Appearance of Solution: Clear and colorless solution
Acidity & alkalinity: Not more than 0.5ml of 0.01M hydrochloric acid or of 0.01M sodium hydroxide should require to change the colour of the solution.
Arsenic (As): 1ppm max
Barium(Ba): No turbidity should produce within 2 hours.
Bromide (Br): 100ppm max
Calcium(Ca)&Magnesium(Mg): Not more than 50ppm (Calculated as Ca)
Ferrocyanide[Fe(CN6)]: No blue colour should produce within 10 minutes.
Heavy metals: 5ppm max
Iodide(I): The substance shows no blue colour after 5 minutes.
Iron (Fe): 20ppm max
Sulphate (SO4): 300ppm max
Loss on drying (105°C, 3 Hrs): Not more than 1.0%
Assay (on dried basis): 99.0% - 100.5%
Potassium (K): Not more than 0.1%
Aluminum: Not more than 0.2 ppm
Total aerobic microbial count: 100 CFU/gm
Total Yeast and mold count: 10 CFU/gm
Escherichia coli: Absent /gm
Pseud. aeruginosa: Absent /gm
Staphylococcus aureus: Absent /gm
Bile-tolerant gram negative bacteria: Absent /gm
Clostridia: Absent /gm
Salmonella: Absent /10 gm
Bacterial endotoxin test: 5.0 IU/gm
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