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: 64-19-7

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

: 60.05
Appearance/Description: Crystalline mass or clear, colorless, volatile liquid having pungent odor Boils at about 118°C. Specific gravity about 1.05
Solubility: Miscible with water, with ethanol (96%), with methylene chloride and with glycerin.
Identification A (By Chemical test): A 100 g/L solution is strongly acid
Identification B (Acetates): A blue precipitate should form or a dark blue color should develop
Appearance: The substance to be examined should be clear and colourless
Reducing substances: The color of solution should remain pink.
Readily oxidizable substances: The pink color should not change to brown within 2 hours.
Chloride (Cl): NMT 25 mg/L
Sulphate (SO4): NMT 50 mg/L
Iron (Fe): NMT 5 ppm
Assay: 99.5% to 100.5% m/m
Limit of Nonvolatile residue /Residue on evaporation: NMT 0.005%
Congealing temperature: NLT 15.6°C
chloride: No opalescence should produced
Sulfate: No turbidity should produced
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