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Molecular Formula

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Molecular Weight

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Appearance: Occurs as a transparent to opaque, white crystalline solid of variable particle size
Solubility: One gm is soluble 2.8 ml of water at 25°C, in 2.7 mL of boiling water and in about 10 mL of glycerine
Odour: Odourless
Taste: Salty
Foreign material: Free from foreign material residue
Assay: 99.0%-100.5%
Loss on drying: 0.5% Max.
Identification A (Sodium): Passes Test
Identification B (Chloride): Passes Test
Calcium & Magnesium: 0.35% Max.
Iodine: 0.006%-0.010% ( As KI)
Iron(Fe): 0.0016% Max.
Sodium Ferrocyanide: 0.0014% Max.
Lead: 0.0002% Max.
Arsenic: 0.0001% Max.
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