Potassium sorbate Food grade FinSQ 500GM Go Back


: 24634-61-5

Molecular Formula

: C6H7KO2

Molecular Weight

: 150.22
Description: White or yellowish-white crystals or crystalline powder or granules.
Solubility: Freely Soluble in water; soluble in ethanol
Test for potassium: Passes test
Melting range of sorbic acid derived from the sample: 132°C to 135°C
Test for unsaturation: The colour of the bromine disappears
Loss on drying: NMT 1% (105°C, 3h)
Acidity or Alkalinity: NMT 1% (As sorbic acid or potassium carbonate)
Aldehydes: NMT 0.1% as formaldehyde
Lead(Pb): NMT 2mg/kg
Assay: 98%-102%
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