Dextrose anhydrous Food Grade FinSQ 25KG Go Back


: 50-99-7

Molecular Formula

: C6H12O6

Molecular Weight

: 180.16
Description: White, crystalline granules or as a granular powder.
Solubility: Freely soluble in water, very soluble in boiling water and slightly soluble in alcohol.
Identification test: Passes test
Arsenic: 1ppm max.
Chloride(Cl): NMT 0.018%
Lead(Pb): Not more than 0.5mg/kg
Sulphur dioxide(SO2): NMT 0.002%
Loss on drying: NMT 2.0%
Optical rotation (On dried basis): [a]D25 between +52.6° and 53.2°
Residue on ignition (Sulphated Ash): NMT 0.1%
Starch: Passes test
Assay (on dried basis): 99.5% - 100.5%
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